waterMark V3
Coming Soon!
While you can download waterMark V2 on the very bottom of this page, keep in mind that waterMark V3 is just around the corner. We are currently building a completely new version of the tool and are looking for beta testers right now!

A list of features what waterMark V2 does for you!
Why waterMark V2? Not only because it's for free! waterMark V2 offers you many more features than comparable software for money. waterMark V2 guides your images out of your digicam into the internet: It reads the images in, resizes them, stamps a watermark on them and renames them logically after your user-defined pattern.

waterMark V2 deals with following features:
  • Multi-Layer watermark profiles consisting of image and text layers
  • Text layers support a huge library of variables (inlcuding EXIF support)
    (e.g. you can include filename or exposure time of the current input image to the watermark)
  • Reads and writes image formats Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF
  • Batch image resizing
  • User friendly image rotation function
  • User definied renaming function of many files
  • Watermark profiles can be saved
  • Multilingual - open interface for language customization

How To
Video tutorial by mediaworksmt

What's new?
Newest log - 2010-10-16
waterMark V2 1.9.8

Not much changed since last time - just fixed some minor bugs concerning the language engine and the threading during the image generation.

This version will be the last waterMark V2 version using the old watermarking engine. There are only some minor changes and fixes in this release except the included language support for Czech, Dutch and French users.

Unfortunately I can't manage to read profiles from older versions (1.9.7 or lower) due to changes in the programming tools. I'm currently working on a new version of the core components of the application and can promise backwards compatibility to waterMark V2 1.9.8 profiles in the future. If you want keep your old profiles I would recommend to use waterMark V2 1.9.7 instead of 1.9.8 with the new language packs.

Many thanks to Martin Balek, Wim Van der Linden, Colok & Paolo Zerbinati for their translations!

PLEASE NOTE: .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run waterMark V2!
The author is not responible for any file damages caused by waterMark V2.
Use the application at your own risk!


Changelog (2010/10/16)

- Fixed language engine bugs
- Improved threading when generating images
- New GUI language Italian by Paolo Zerbinati

Changelog (2008/09/05)

- Fixed several minor bugs
- Language engine redesigned
- New GUI languages (Czech, Dutch, French)
- New Explorer Tree

Changelog (2006/12/11)

- Bugfixed button error (messed up graphics)
- Improved profile editor (scrolling, performance)
- Automatic image rotation according to EXIF orientation tag
- Explorer integration for image files ("Stamp with waterMark...")
- Added/Changed some GUI graphics
- Setup (.NET Framework)
Older logs

Latest version of V2 series and older 1.0 builds

waterMark 1.0

Some nice screenshots of waterMark V2

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